Comparison Dashboard

The Comparison Dashboard from the Device tab explores the difference between devices or changes that happened to devices over time. You can compare devices in the following categories:

  • Two devices: Two devices at current time with live updates
  • Two times: The state of a single device at two chosen times
  • Advanced: Two devices at two chosen times

Accessing the Comparison Browser Screen

You can access the Cloud Vision Telemetry Browser screen directly from CVP by completing the following steps. Open your browser.

  1. Point your browser to the CVP IP address or hostname.
  2. Login to CVP. The CVP Home screen appears.
  3. Click Devices.
  4. Click Comparison.
    Figure 1. Start page for comparison of devices

    For a particular device with two chosen times, select the Two times option.

    Figure 2. Comparison of device at two chosen times
    Comparing two devices at two chosen times, select the Advanced option:
    Figure 3. Comparison of device advanced