Configlet Information Page

Select the name of the Configlet from the grid to access the Configlet information page.
Figure 1. Configlet Information Page

Tabs in Configlet Information Page

Summary Tab

The Configlet “Summary” tab provides information about the Configlet. This tab is used to show static Configlets, and Configlet Builder Configlets.

Figure 2. Summary Tab Page for Static Configlets
Figure 3. Configlet Summary Tab Page for Configlet Builder

Logs Tab

The “Logs” tab provides complete information on the Configlet assignment to devices and execution details.

Figure 4. Configlet Logs Page

Change History Tab

Any change in the Configlets will be recorded in the History tab.

Select the View option.

A popup window is opened comparing the last version of the Configlet with the edited version (Figure 5).

Figure 5. Configlet History Page

Applied Containers Tab

This tab gives the details on the containers to which the Configlet is assigned. This also shows the name of the user who made the assignment (Figure 6).

Figure 6. Applied Container Page

Applied Devices Tab

The Applied Devices tab displays the details on the devices to which the Configlet is associated in addition to other information such as Parent container, Applied by, and Applied date.

Figure 7. Applied Devices Page

When a Configlet is removed from any device through the Network Provisioning module, the device will be removed from the list.

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