Defining Custom Snapshot Templates

To ensure that snapshots contain the information you need for effectively monitoring changes in the state of devices over a certain period of time, CloudVision allows you to define custom snapshot templates.

A snapshot template defines commands, outputs of which need to be captured as part of the snapshot using that template. When you create a snapshot template, associate a list of devices, and set an execution frequency with it, the snapshot service starts capturing and storing snapshots for that template based on the scheduled frequency.

Complete the following steps to define a new custom snapshot template:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Device_ID > Snapshots > Snapshot Configuration.
    The Snapshot Configuration page displays currently available snapshot templates.
  2. Click the (or create a new configuration) hyperlink at the lower right side of the page.
    The Snapshot Configuration page displays the Add Snapshot Configuration section.
    Figure 1. Add Snapshot Configuration Section
  3. In the Name field, type the name of the custom snapshot template.
  4. In the Commands field, enter the EOS CLI commands to be executed by the snapshot.
  5. If necessary, click the Devices drop-down and select required devices.
  6. Under Interval, Specify the frequency for capturing snapshots in either minutes, hours, or days.
  7. Click Save.
    The Snapshot Configuration page immediately displays the latest configuration along with the list of current configurations.
    Note: A snapshot configuration that is created without a device is saved and marked as unscheduled. Snapshot templates with bash commands are marked as invalid. However, these unscheduled and invalid templates can still be selected while creating a Change Control to capture pre and post change control snapshots.