Editing Configlets

You edit Configlets through the Configlet “Summary” page. When you save the edited Configlet, it will update the all the associated tasks and devices in CloudVision.

  • Configuration assign tasks which are waiting to be executed in task management that are using the edited Configlet are considered as associated tasks.
  • Saving the edited Configlet affects all the associated tasks as follows:
Pending tasks: Tasks in pending state are auto updated. The spawned configuration points to the updated Configlet.
Failed tasks: Tasks in a failed state are auto canceled. A new configuration push task is spawned.
Save As: The edited Configlet can be saved as a new Configlet. Give the new Configlet a unique name.
  1. Select the Edit (pen) icon in the page.
    Figure 1. Configlet Summary Page
  2. Validate the Configlet with the Validation pane.
    Figure 2. Edit Configlet Summary
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click Save to save the edited configlet.
    • Click Save As to save the edited configlet as a new Configlet (the name Configlet).

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