Filter Management

The Filter Management screen lists all existing filters with all the fields associated with a filter. See the figure below.
Figure 1. Filter Management Screen
It provides options to perform the following tasks:
  • Creating a filter
  • Updating a filter
  • Deleting a filter
  • Enabling or disabling a filter
  • Customizing the partial configuration management

To open the Filter Management screen, navigate to Provisioning > Filter Management. This screen provides brief information of current filters with the associated fields in a tabular format. See the following figure.

You can perform the following actions on this screen:
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, click + Create Filter to create a new filter. See Creating a New Filter.
  • Under the Pattern Preview column, hover the cursor on the exclamatory mark to view the number of lines in the filter pattern.
  • Under the Status column, green dots signify active filters and red dots signify inactive filters.
  • Under the Actions column:
    • Click the edit icon to edit the corresponding filter.

      CVP opens the filter details screen for editing a filter. See Creating a New Filter.

    • Click the delete icon to delete the corresponding filter.
      Click Confirm when CVP opens the Confirm dialog box prompting to confirm the deletion.
      Figure 2. Delete Filter Confirmation Dialog Box
      Note: Only inactive filters can be deleted.
  • Click Export to CSV for downloading the table contents to your local drive.