Getting Started with Studios

Before using Studios, it is important to understand the two main elements: the Studios and Workspaces. You will use the two of these together to make changes to the mainline configuration of your network.


A Studio is an input template for a particular aspect or feature of a network. It defines the attributes of any devices belonging to that feature. All your Studios are visible on the Studios home screen.

When you visit Studios for the first time, you will see that there are already several built-in Studios. These cover some common network features, and each is explained separately in the section Built-In Studios. You can create your own custom-built Studios so that you can determine a new network feature for configuration.


A Workspace is what you use to create, configure, or edit a Studio’s inputs, and to tag the devices that a Studio affects. It can be used to configure one or more Studios, which means that you can implement configuration changes across multiple network features at the same time.

There are three states a Workspace can have:
  • Submitted: A Workspace that has configured one or more Studios and been submitted for approval in Change Control
  • Open: A Workspace that has been created but not yet submitted
  • Abandoned: A Workspace that has been discarded before submission
Note: Give any Workspace or Studio you create a relevant name and description, describing how it relates to the configuration of your network.