Key CVP Terms

Make sure you are familiar with the following key CloudVision Portal (CVP) terms. These terms are used throughout this guide to describe the various CVP features, and the CVP user interface contains icons that represent each of the key terms.

Icon Term Definition
Device Devices managed by the CloudVision Portal.
Container Containers are a logical entity used to group network devices, and define a hierarchy to which user configuration can be applied.
Device Devices define the subset of available devices.
Configlet Configlets define a subset of a device's configuration.
Image Images define the software running on a given device.
Label Labels are arbitrary tags defined by the user and applied to devices for identification and filtering purposes.
Notification Notifications are system messages providing the list of on-going, completed and canceled activities that are not tracked by tasks.
Task Tasks are work orders for taking an action against a given device.
N/A Export to CSV Downloads the table in csv format to your local drive.

Replaces hyphen (-) with N/A where hyphen indicates empty data.

Replaces cells using the (unknown) string with empty cells where (unknown) indicates data missing due to an error(s).

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