Notifications for Container-level Compliance Checks and Reconciles

CloudVision Portal (CVP) provides notifications for container-level compliance checks and reconciles. When a container-level compliance check or reconcile is completed, CVP automatically generates a notification message, indicating that the action has occurred.

Because container-level compliance check or reconciles are not tracked by tasks, you track them using automated notifications. The notifications can be accessed directly from the Network Provisioning screen by clicking the Notifications icon. The presentation of the icon indicates whether there are unread notifications.

Figure 1. Read and Unread Notification Icons

The notification list provides the following information:

  • Current actions in progress, with a progress bar.
  • Unread notifications (shaded in blue).
  • Previously viewed notifications (no shading). These are shown at the bottom of the list.

The type of action (Check Compliance or Reconcile) is indicated for each notification.

Figure 2. List of Notifications
Note: To view notifications for the previous CVP session, click the bell icon and choose View History.

For information on container-level compliance checks and reconciles, see: