The omnibox performs a search and displays results from all sections in CloudVision. You must select a result for navigating to the corresponding CloudVision section.

Click the search icon at the upper-right corner of the CVP screen to access the omnibox.

Figure 1. Omnibox
  • You can refine search results by adding more keywords to the query.
  • Omnibox hotkeys are Command ⌘ + K in Mac; and Ctrl + K in Windows.

The Omnibox provides a variety of results classifying them by the section it belongs to, an associated device or section name, and sometimes a description that explains what kind of result it is.The list of potential search result modules are:

  • Devices
    • Matching devices
    • Sections of matching devices
  • Events
    • Matching event types
    • If a keyword matches a device hostname, it provides an option to view all events on that device
    • Matching event configurations
  • Metrics
    • Matching metrics
    • Matching metric dashboards
  • Topology - Matching devices in topology
  • Provisioning - Matching Provisioning sections
  • Settings - Matching Settings sections
Note: Multiple results from the same section are grouped together.

CloudVision displays matching results from Devices and Topology sections when a search is performed using theJPE keyword.

Figure 2. Omnibox Search with JPE Keyword
  • If you select athens from the Devices section, CloudVision displays the Device Overview screen of athens.

  • If you select athens from the Topology section, CloudVision displays athens node in the Topology view.

If a search is performed with the athens keyword, CloudVision displays results from Devices, Event, Metrics, and Topology sections.

Figure 3. Omnibox Search with Athens Keyword