Partial Configuration Management


The partial configuration management feature specifies parts of configuration that should be managed by CVP. Each line in the configuration is classified in the following three categories:
  • Managed - These configuration lines must be managed only by CVP.
    Note: Managed configuration lines are considered config compliant only when they synchronize with the designed and running configuration. In other words, updating managed configuration lines via non-CV sources will mark the device as non-compliant and cannot be reconciled by default. Only the user can reconcile these lines.
  • Unmanaged - These configuration lines can't be managed by CVP.
    Note: Unmanaged configuration lines can be added to the running configuration via non-CVP sources without marking the device as non-compliant. These lines are ignored by CV during computation of configuration compliance and can never be reconciled.
  • Unspecified - These configuration lines are by default managed and reconciled by CVP. They are not marked as managed or unmanaged by CVP.