Make sure you review the software and hardware requirements for deploying and using the Telemetry platform before you begin deploying the platform.

System Requirements

Note: If you upgraded from a previous version of CVP, you must verify that all of the CVP node VMs on which you want to enable Telemetry have the required resources to use Telemetry. See Resource Checks for details on how to check CVP node VM resources and perform any modifications needed to increase the current CVP node VM resources.
Verify the clocks on the switches are synchronized to an NTP server.
  • If a clock on a device is not synched to an NTP server on the switches and the clock difference between CVP and the device is larger than 300 seconds, onboarding will fail.
  • Streaming latency which must be less than 500ms as per our system requirements. Streaming latency is the time difference between the TerminAttr agent receiving the state change on a device and the notification being processed by the CloudVision Analytics backend after storage in NetDB.Without NTP the relative streaming latency between devices streaming to CVP can exceed limits and state changes happening on different switches may appear to be incorrectly ordered within CVP.For more information refer to: