Topology Overview

The Topology Overview pane provides the following options:

  • Layout - Click to view the Topology Layout pane. See Topology Layout Pane.

  • Options - Click to view the Topology Options pane. See Topology Options Pane.

  • Network Filters - Provides the following options to filter networks:

    • Tags - To view desired tags by name and value. The main Topology view will be updated and only devices with the chosen tags will be displayed.

    • Management network - Display or hide management networks using the toggle button.

    • VLAN membership - To view desired VLAN(s), type either a VLAN ID or a range of VLANs.

      Figure 1. VLANs in Topology
      Note: The right panel displays selected VLAN(s) distinguished with various colors.
  • Link Overlay drop-down menu - Select an overlay to color each link based on selected metric type. Options include:

    • Active Events

    • Bandwidth Utilization

    • Discard Rate

    • Error Rate

    • Traffic Throughput

    • VLANs

    • None

  • Devices

    • Search field - Type the device name, MAC address, or model to perform a quick search.

    • List of devices - Click on a device to view the detailed information of corresponding device. See Device Details Pane.